Are you interested in a Gas Info Price? We have something for you!

Request for Quotes is an important element of procurement for municipal utilities. With the automatically calculated enmacc Info-Price for Power and, now also for Gas, another price point is now available for your tenders. The enmacc info price is automated as an indicative comparison price and calculated without manual effort by our partners’ pricing systems.

Your Requests for Quotes go through the partners’ pricing systems anonymously. Data protection and data security are a matter of course. The calculated info price is determined fully automatically at the beginning of the tender and is included in the price list of the tender card at the latest at the start of the validity period.

The additional price point is of course also saved in the deal history for documentation purposes. This strengthens the fulfilment of the requirements of risk manuals and the comparability of prices.  

What do you have to do to get the enmacc info price? When you create a Request for Quote, check the box “Receive Info Price” and you will automatically receive an additional indicative price. This is independent of whether or not there is a EFET framework agreement with the respective supplier.

Do you need help with the gas info price? We are more than happy to help you. Simply contact our Customer Success Team with a short e-mail at, chat with us or call us at 089- 215 415 00!