Caely Renewables joins enmacc as new liquidity provider for GoOs (Guarantees of Origin)

Caely Renewables image

Caely Renewables will provide quotes to more regions and technologies on engreen, acting alongside firms like Agder Energie, who focus on the Scandinavian market, and Bischof & Dietze.

Caely is a solution-driven company with a hard focus on the environment — bringing a wealth of experience in GoO trading. Philip van Dijk and Bart Mock, managing directors, explain: “Our focus is helping clients reduce their carbon footprint and increase their sustainable energy consumption to meet environmental goals.” This they achieve by advising and executing environmental commodity transactions. Here, enmacc presents a unique opportunity for energy traders: to increase liquidity and trading opportunities for all participants. 

“We’re happy to have Caely Renewables as a new liquidity provider”, shares Volker Puck, co-founder of enmacc. Their commitment to growing environmental commodity markets, delivered by an experienced and connected team, makes them a natural fit for enmacc. 

Currently, Caely is quoting on engreen, and will later quote on entender too. Caely’s tradable engreen orders will create fresh procurement and trading opportunities for enmacc members, across many products in the GoO market. Later this year, GoOs will also trade on entender, enmacc’s leading RFQ (Request-for-Quote) platform. Over 430 companies are now part of enmacc’s platform for bilateral energy trading — with more than 1900 active traders in total. 

Caely’s GoO prices are now available on the engreen screen after logging into the enmacc platform. Interested in adding Caely Renewables as a counterparty? Please contact Jonas Risse (phone: +31 207 303 811, email:, or the enmacc team at