Celebrating 500+ Member Companies on enmacc

This quarter we are celebrating a new milestone: we now have surpassed 500 member companies on our platform. This achievement highlights the power in the network created by our members, revealing that our journey in a thriving trading ecosystem built on shared success.

Here are three key reasons why this milestone is so important for traders:

Enhanced Liquidity Pool

In the world of trading, liquidity is crucial. With over 500 member companies, our network’s liquidity pool brings significant value to market participants. This enlargement means enhanced opportunities for our members to buy and sell energy and environmental commodities, fostering smoother transactions and better price discovery. The principle of ‘the bigger the network, the bigger the liquidity pool’ is at the core of our platform’s success.

Direct Access

Efficiency defines our platform. As a member, you gain direct access to a network of companies involved in power, gas, Guarantees-of-Origin, and Emissions Allowances (EUAs) trading. This direct connection empowers you with more control over your trading decisions and ensures seamless communication between parties. As an over-the-counter platform, we are accessible to organisations of all sizes, resulting in a network of over 2,000 active traders across Europe.

Empowering Network Effects

The value of a network grows exponentially with its size. Our strong network effects translate to a multitude of opportunities for digital integration with other software solutions, through our new generation of REST APIs. This synergy amplifies efficiency gains, paving the way for a more streamlined and effective trading process. By joining enmacc, members open doors to innovative possibilities and technological advancements that can reshape the way you approach energy trading.


As we celebrate this milestone, we thank our members for their trust. We’re committed to providing a wide market reach, an efficient trade flow, and competitive prices in a multicommodity platform. Our journey showcases the power of collaboration and a trading ecosystem that thrives on shared success. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue on this remarkable path together with our members.


To join the enmacc member network email us at info@enmacc.com or call us at +49 89 215 41 500 >>