Data is King enmacc Price Echo

enmacc Price Echo enables you to gain insights into market data and relevant price points of illiquid products such as German Power CAL 26-30. 

Bringing transparency into PPA dominated contracts.
The system runs an automated quality control and distributes aggregated data back into the market.

Active since End of September 2020 it brought great insights into the market evaluation of these maturities.

Red line = Basket price of German power Cal 26-30

Blue line = German power Base Cal 22

We see significant volatility also in the basket price. It generally follows the midterm curve products, like the front years, although the movements are weaker for the very long term contracts of the basket. We observe a correlation of 0.47 between Cal 22 and the basket price.

The average bid-offer spread in the price echo points for the basket prices is 1.40 €/MWh.