Empowering Enerjoin by digitising energy trading

enmacc not only allows us to access the best traders or prices but also allows us to advance on our path of digitising energy management.” – Carlos Martin, Managing Director at Enerjoin

Enerjoin became a member of the enmacc network in June 2020. enmacc was recommended to Enerjoin by a trusted friend, who already had some great experience.

Since then, enmacc has been invaluable to Enerjoin’s success and everyday business. With the fast-growing enmacc community, they can simultaneously grow their network. Also, Enerjoin can stay focused on digitalisation.

Getting started on the enmacc platform was an easy decision for Enerjoin. The entire transition was very simple and straightforward. The enmacc team was always available to answer any of their questions and concerns.

From the point of view of Enerjoin, a small company trying to work in a differential way, having a tool like engreen not only allows them to access the best traders or prices but also allows them to advance on their path of digitalising energy management. They can make more complete and differential products in a very competitive sector such as Energy. Without a doubt, a breakthrough in their evolution.

About Enerjoin:

A young company in the energy services sector, specialised in the management of the electricity pool, which also offers other savings solutions for its clients with the aim of optimising the client’s costs based on energy management and efficiency.

Country of Origin: Spain
Company Description: Expert consulting in energy area

Commodities: Power, Gas, Go’s
Geographies: Spain (REE, PVB, TVB)
Website: https://www.enerjoin.es/