enmacc adopts Equias (eCM)

The way in which energy is supplied in European energy markets is changing. Electronic sales channels are digitising and transforming the way energy businesses and their end-customers interact.

enmacc’s enmarket and entender services are used by a growing community of 200 companies active in the European energy sales market to transact increasing volumes of energy. More than 700 traders from 11 countries are already active on the enmacc platform.

Digitalisation is causing energy to be bought and sold in smaller volumes, at shorter tenors and with greater frequency, moving towards active hedging and optimisation more characteristic of wholesale trading.

enmacc and Equias are working together to bring the benefits of eCM to their combined client bases, to mitigate operational risk and ensure the quality of data required by all participants to operate cost-effectively and efficiently as transaction volumes through enmacc’s services grow.

Equias’ eCM service is the Gold Standard for confirmation matching in the European energy wholesale market. Used by over 160 wholesale traders and brokers, processing thousands of transactions per hour.

Hugh Brunswick (CEO of Equias): “With enmacc on board the eCM will now be established fast in the sales-trading market as well, enabling all companies procuring and trading energy, to benefit from the automatic confirmation matching for a risk-free back office process”
Jens Hartmann (CEO of enmacc): “With integrating the Equias services on enmacc, we consequently follow our path in enabling our customers for a better overall trading process. For the suppliers already using eCM for the wholesale trading, it means, that they can benefit from the automatic confirmation matching for every trade, done with their customer base on enmacc. This gives them an additional competitive advantage due to an even safer and efficient post-trade process.”

Summarising the benefits:

  • Fully digital reconciliation mitigates operational risk  
  • Straight-Through-Processing (STP) reduces manual work allowing staff to focus on exceptions Real-time view of trade status on enmacc deal history
  • Certainty that transactions are registered with the energy suppliers.
  • Shared view of exceptions for a swift resolution
  • Integration with Equias electronic Trade Services (eTS)

Interested in adopting the secure and efficient post-trade eCM process without any IT effort on your side? Contact our Customer Success Team with a short e-mail at success@enmacc.de, chat with us or call us at 089- 215 415 00!