Enmacc and Klafka & Hinz announce new partnership

The cooperation between enmacc and Klafka & Hinz digitises end-to-end trading workflows and seamlessly connects the trading ecosystems to optimise traders’ lives.

enmacc, Europe’s fastest-growing OTC energy trading platform, is happy to announce a new partnership with Klafka & Hinz, a nationwide market leader offering software solutions for the liberalised energy market. Through this partnership, enmacc and Klafka & Hinz will be brought together to enhance connectivity and automation of mutual users’ trading ecosystems.

enmacc strives for a fully automated process to remove barriers when trades are conducted through their trading platform. Fewer repetitive tasks, for example, manually entering completed trades into ETRMs, will be required through this integration with enmacc’s CONNECT API. Additionally, it allows for improved data accuracy, eliminates manual errors, and optimises risk management workflows. 

Dr. Hans-Jörg Hinz, Co-Founder and CEO of Klafka & Hinz: “The use of connected systems and services offers a great potential for energy supply companies to increase process efficiency. Our partnership with enmacc allows our clients to exploit this potential.”

Jens Hartmann, CEO at enmacc: “We are proud to partner with Klafka & Hinz to bring an extremely high level of automation in the energy trading market and make energy traders’ lives easier. Our solution will provide an environment that enables seamless and effective collaboration across the energy trading ecosystems.”

If you want to learn more about your possibilities, schedule a chat with our Technical Project Manager Rineta Lleshi at rineta.lleshi@enmacc.com.


About Klafka & Hinz

Klafka & Hinz Energie-Informations-Systeme GmbH, based in Aachen in the immediate vicinity of the RWTH campus, established itself as the nationwide market leader with its software solutions when the energy market began to be liberalised more than 20 years ago. 

The many years of experience of their consultants and software engineers characterise their FirstX product family. Their IT solutions are “up to date” in terms of software, tailored to the real needs of users and the effective processing of their customers’ business processes.