enmacc has partnered with MEFF, BME’s Derivatives Exchange


Aiming to extend trading alternatives in the Iberian power market, we have established a partnership with MEFF, BME’s Derivatives Exchange. This will allow enmacc customers to extend their trading choices and therefore enhance liquidity.

With this enmacc members can;

  • Negotiate bilateral trades and give up the trade for clearing on enmacc without requiring open credit lines or framework contracts from individual counterparties 
  • Give up the trade for clearing with no more dependency on intermediaries, and with no extra workload for the back office 
  • Trade cleared, with the option to stay anonymous throughout the trading process

enmacc is now able to register trades for clearing on behalf of the traders – when the trade is complete, enmacc will register the trade with MEFF for clearing via BME Clearing. At all times, traders will be updated about the clearing status of the deal on the platform.

Download more information to understand the process.

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Please reach out to us at success@enmacc.com if you want to learn more or benefit from this immediately.