enmacc launches clearing services with ECC

You now have the option on the enmacc platform to clear bilaterally negotiated trades. These trades will be registered automatically with clearinghouses such as the ECC. With more than 1,600 users already trading bilaterally on enmacc‘s OTC energy trading platform you will benefit from the optional use of clearing services by extending your reach beyond counterparties you have existing framework contracts and credit lines with.

Your benefits are:

● An expanded counterparty network

● Increased liquidity and more trading opportunities

● More optionality in risk management

By allowing financially settled and cleared trades, market participants reach beyond their counterparties with open credit lines and EFET contracts. The clearing process of concluded trades is monitored, and customers are notified about clearing status updates in real-time on the enmacc platform. The feature is fully integrated with the existing functionalities, such as risk management and traceable deal history.

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Your enmacc team

Are you interested in finding out more about our clearing functionality? Join our upcoming webinar on February 2nd @2pm (CET).