Enmacc lives up to its motto of connecting traders

We are pleased to announce that within 3 years of being active, enmacc’s network has massively expanded. Currently, we have clients spread across 13 different countries in Europe and we want to continue to grow this network.

In order to do this, we are constantly finding ways to improve our service for the interest of our clients. Enmacc now supports trading in Switzerland by introducing Swiss francs as a currency. In addition, we offer power trading in the UK in GBP/MWh and gas trading in the UK in GBp/Therm. A bigger international network allows for more liquidity in all markets and new business opportunities for all members of the enmacc network. 

If you are interested in connecting to other traders outside of your core market, let us know, we are happy to make this happen. Send our Customer Success Team a quick email to success@enmacc.de, Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-23 um 17.36.06 chat with us or call us at +49 8921541500!