Enmacc partners Refinitiv with Eikon messenger integration

We are pleased to announce that Refinitiv’s Eikon messenger service is integrated into Enmacc’s RFQ trading tool and available as an exclusive feature for professional traders. 

This seamless integration will keep you informed on all new incoming RFQs, quotations and trades allowing you to focus on the market without missing any trading opportunities, all while enmacc is running in the background.

We enhanced our network by connecting 200+ energy traders on Eikon messenger that are now alerted on hundreds of Request for Quotes (RFQs) every day. Our collaboration on alerting clients is aimed at freeing time for traders to focus on keeping abreast of energy market breaking news, market analysis, modelling and other trading activities. 

Sebastian Wilkes, Energy Trader, MVV, agrees that Eikon messenger has enhanced his workspace, Now I do not have to monitor the enmacc service continuously, as Eikon messenger informs me in real-time on when I’ve been invited to respond to an RFQ. In addition, I save valuable screen real estate and only open enmacc services when needed”

The service is live now and automatically enabled with your personal Eikon account. Read more about the collaboration here.

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