enmacc partners with Previse and ChorusLink

enmacc takes another big step towards digitising the energy trading world by partnering up with ChorusLink and Previse Coral. Previse will have an API connection to enmacc for deal capturing providing you with full automation opportunities. 

What does this mean for you?

  • It allows you to import incoming RFQ (Request-for-Quotes) into Previse Coral as simulated trades before quoting any price and send the price quote back to enmacc in a fully automated process. 
  • Automated update of credit limits from Coral to enmacc

Read more about it here.

Alexander Nikolov, Founder and CEO at Lead Consult, says: “This Plug & Play integration between enmacc, ChorusLink and Previse Coral is an important step forward to the full digitalisation of the energy trading and downstream processes.

Volker Puck, Managing Director at enmacc, says: “Lead Consult has already supported plenty of our customers for an easy integration of enmacc into their software setup. With the ChorusLink and Previse Coral integration a new and innovative ETRM solution is now also connected with enmacc, providing a lot of automation opportunities and benefits to our mutual customers.”

Asbjørn Hansen, Managing Director at Previse Systems, says: “It is refreshing to collaborate with partners who also focus on high-performance modern technology stacks with clean interfaces and integration capabilities. Connecting enmacc to our solution landscape is another step for us to widen the offering for our customers and automate the trade life cycle.”

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