enmacc Price Echo now includes Czech and Slovak VTP!

clearing via enmacc

In addition to MGP, enmacc now offers Price Echo for gas in the Czech and Slovak markets with indexed pricing.

Pricing forward contracts has recently been difficult even on the more liquid hubs, not to mention the rather illiquid ones like CZ, MGP, and SK. Provide your predictions anonymously and get aggregated, direct market feedback from other participants with similar interests!

As a leading digital OTC energy trading platform, enmacc incorporated one of its most innovative tools, the enmacc Price Echo, into the Czech and Slovak market. The objective is to promote the development of long-term markets and generate advantages in terms of risk management for these more distant tenors in time. 

With enmacc Price Echo, it is possible to effectively increase the confidence of traders and the market in general, on the possibilities of trading based on indexed prices. 

Want to know more about enmacc Price Echo contact sales@enmacc.com.

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