Enmacc releases new enhancements for trading with off-platform participants

Currently, 87% of all quotations of RFQs on enmacc originate from trading participants who are within the enmacc network and are received automatically on the platform. Still, enmacc has always allowed clients to seamlessly address off-platform partners by email. So the remaining 13% of the quotations came so far from external trading participants via phone, messenger or email. Hence our new feature delivers enhancements for this process, to bring our clients more speed, security and accuracy. 

What’s changing? The enmacc emails to off-platform partners will now contain a link to a special entender version. This enables off-platform partners to respond with a price to the RFQ directly and digitally in the enmacc system. Upon RFQ response, off-platform partners will receive confirmation of their quotation on enmacc for documentation purposes. 

This one-time link is totally secure and is subject to a captcha check to ensure that the recipient is not a robot. All the workflow of RFQ trading now stays on the platform and in one place for all our clients. You as the initiator of an RFQ will receive the quotes directly on-screen.  The manual entry of quotes is no longer necessary. Enmacc becomes even faster and more convenient and secure.

Here you can see in a demo video of our new feature and benefits we are delivering to your current workflow.

If there are any questions from you or your external trading partners, please contact us at success@enmacc.com, chat with us or call us at +49 (0) 89 215 415 00!