Find out how FairEnergie’s tender process is 2x faster with enmacc

“Thanks to enmacc, the time needed for trading natural gas tenders with a broad participant base is reduced by more than 50%.” Dirk Meinecke, Accounting and Portfolio Manager at FairEnergie.

FairEnergie was searching for an opportunity to make their trading workflow more efficient

“Trading via telephone and mail was time-consuming and harboured procedural risks” stated Mr. Meinecke. FairEnergie was tackling one of the most prominent problems of inefficient trading processes. In addition, they needed a platform that was seamlessly integrated into their existing workflow, EDM and ETRM systems, to reduce manual errors and help manage information in real-time.

Reduced workload through automated pre and post trade processes

Traders from FairEnergie were enthusiastic by the simplicity of enmacc operations when they joined in late 2017. “The processes have been standardised and thanks to the connection to our EDM system, not only has the workload been drastically reduced, but mismatches are now a thing of the past.” Mr. Meinecke commented. 

enmacc offers FairEnergie a professional setup of pre and post trade workflows with automated deal capturing and risk management for bilateral trading. Seamlessly and automatically connected to their system, the new generation of enmacc Connect API enables FairEnergie to 

  • eliminate transition errors
  • remove manual steps from their daily workflow
  • integrate with low effort
  • manage information in real-time

With enmacc, FairEnergie’s tender process is at least 2x faster

Mr. Meinecke pointed out the significant impact on the time saved after joining enmacc. “Thanks to enmacc, time needed for trading natural gas tenders with a broad participant base is reduced by more than 50%. Now it takes only 20-30 minutes to conduct instead of an hour.” With enmacc, FairEnergie can focus on their essential tasks instead of manual work and leverage automation to improve trading performance.

About FairEnergie

FairEnergie GmbH was founded in 2000 as a subsidiary of the Stadtwerke Reutlingen GmbH. The group has been rooted in Reutlingen for decades as a modern, future-oriented, customer-oriented energy and service company. The entire Stadtwerke Reutlingen GmbH group currently employs over 600 people. FairEnergie GmbH’s procurement portfolio comprises around 2 TWh of gas and 1 TWh of electricity.