Find out how swenex made their trading process even more efficient and successful

“With enmacc, we save 30 minutes per tender and increase the number of offers.” Adriel Häni, Head of Portfolio Management.

Swenex is one of the leading energy service companies in Switzerland, adding significant value for its domestic and industrial customers through energy procurement, energy data management, and billing. Acting as the trading arm for its customers, swenex aims to purchase power in Switzerland at very competitive price levels and implements tailor-made solutions for their customers.

Challenges of legacy manual workflows

“Purchasing electricity via email is time-consuming and no longer up-to-date”, said Adriel Häni, Head of Portfolio Management. He stressed the current challenges regarding the liquidity of the energy market and the necessity of transforming outdated, often manual trading processes to digital ones. In order to gain a competitive advantage, swenex has implemented an innovative solution speeding up the entire energy trading process against old habits.

Speed and efficiency by digitising the trading workflow 

After joining the enmacc network in the middle of 2021, swenex modernised its trading workflow and experienced its innovative RFQ technology. Within weeks, the service provider was able to enhance its reach and counterparty portfolio, as well as shorten its purchasing and negotiation processes significantly. “The people at enmacc are customer-friendly, helpful and solution-oriented”, said energy manager Andrew Bray.

The outlook

Mr. Häni pointed out that swenex gains a wide range of benefits by embracing enmacc’s OTC trading platform, which includes:

  • Time-saving: 30 minutes saved per tender.
  • Extra Liquidity: further increased the number of offers.

“We encourage market participants in Switzerland to use the enmacc trading platform too.”, Mr. Häni concluded.

About swenex:

As a trusted partner, swenex represents their customers’ interests in dealings with energy providers and transmission grid operators. Their independence is vitally important and assures their customers of getting their energy at the best possible price. Swenex’s decision to focus on industrial, commercial and service companies means that they know their customers’ requirements inside out and can deliver tailored solutions for their customers’ procurement, billing, energy monitoring, metering, cost allocation (internal apportionment of costs) and much more.

Company Name: swenex – swiss energy exchange ltd
Country of Origin: Switzerland
Company Description: As a trusted partner, swenex represents their customers interests in dealings with energy providers and transmission grid operators.

Commodities & Geographies: Energy procurement for customers in Switzerland (electricity, gas, HKN & heating oil).