Get ready for the EEX 10-year power contract with enmacc!

Congrats to the EEX for extending the maturity for relevant power contracts (German, Italian, and Spanish Power Futures) from 6 to 10 years to provide further hedging options. Power purchase agreements (PPAs) have become an essential part of renewable energy markets. 

The growth of PPA business has been highly dynamic, which drives the need for appropriate hedging strategies. Pricing these long-term agreements has been challenging, especially considering the recent volatility that the energy market has experienced.

What can enmacc do for you?

✅ Gain better pricing capabilities based on direct market feedback with enmacc price echo.

✅ Receive prices from market participants by initiating your RFQ and negotiate bilaterally. 

✅ Ensure ECC clearing by registering your bilateral trade on EEX automatically.

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