How to sharpen your profile with enmacc

As you may know, enmacc offers the possibility to fill in an individual profile for each customer. If not, you are more than welcome to create a customer profile.

The profile is a quick and easy way to introduce your company to the enmacc network and thus expand your counterparties and establish new trade relationships.

Please fill out our profile by introducing in some questions your company.

The questions are:

  • What do you expect from enmacc?
  • What should the participants of the enmacc platform know about your company?
  • Which products are you primarily interested in trading?
  • Are you interested in getting to know new counterparties?
  • Who is the contact person in your company for new trade relations?
  • On what contractual basis can you become your trading partner?
  • Are you interested in showing indicative prices to companies which you do not yet have a framework agreement with?
  • Does your company have an innovative product or a special service?
  • What should other enmacc participants know about your team? And
  • What should they find out? – You are welcome to add a photo of your team!

You can fill out the customer profile here.

Here you will find an example of a customer profile: CEZ-Group

Do you still have questions or difficulties when filling out the profile? Contact our Customer Success Team with a short email at, chat with us or call us at +49 89 215 415 00.