Limit orders reinvented!

Manual limit orders on enmarket now have a significantly higher probability of execution, as they are now also highlighted on entender for your trading partners.

You can read what this means for your daily work with enmacc in this blog article.

Limit orders placed on enmarket offer municipal utilities an excellent tool for minimizing risk and increasing efficiency. Traders use a limit order to ensure that they can trade at their target price even in volatile market phases. Nevertheless, they can also concentrate on other activities and thus keep a clear head.

But: This only works if suppliers also see the limit orders on enmarket and execute them at the right moment. Until now, this has not been the case to the full satisfaction of some customers. Only about half of the attractive manual limit orders were executed. 

enmacc has now created a solution for this. Manual limit orders that have been set to enmarket will also be listed in entender as of today. 

Advantages for municipal utilities

You have a target price resulting from your sales or portfolio and want to create a manual limit order for it.

You can leave the order now on the screen, suppliers will look at it all day and will execute it as soon as the market has reached the appropriate level.

To maximise the likelihood of execution, send the limit orders to your entire network on enmacc. You control this via the “enmarket permissions” (tab “trading partners”).

Advantages for suppliers

You have all business opportunities available on entender. You work only on one screen and have everything in view. You will be notified visually of new limit orders. We only show you limit orders that are really interesting. This means that you will only see limit orders from trading partners with whom you can trade according to the credit check and who are close to the current market.

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