New entender PRO: speeding up the workflow for professionals

We added a unique feature set to our proven entender platform to satisfy the needs of our most discerning professional traders. entender PRO is now all about speed and permanent control.

First, we enabled Anonymous Trading, now we are presenting Instant Trading.

Instant Trading (entender PRO):

Instant trading is the digital twin of voice broking or messenger trading. Waive future start dates and binding period to get a tradable quote instantly. Use it for less-liquid contracts complementary to your trading or broker screen.

Instant trading is ready for use to all professional traders who can see entender PRO on enmacc.

  • Available through the “New request” workflow or through “Find bid – Find offer
  • Your RFQ starts immediately
  • RFQs have no binding period; GTC quotes have a limited validity of a few seconds (preset 30 seconds)
  • Allows for anonymous trading
  • Only professional traders (usually trading through brokers/Trayport) have access to this feature

Further questions? Simply contact our Customer Success Team with a short email at, chat with us or call at +49 (0) 89-215 415 00.

Your enmacc Team