New functions on enmacc

Enmacc would like to thank you for your positive feedback and ideas. It allows us to enhance our platform to meet your demands.

We are pleased to announce some new functions on the platform.

1. New counterparty feedback sentences:

You can now give precise price feedback and communicate the best price you received to your counterparties, even if you did not trade the RFQ of the counterparty. 
Please note: Only the companies who have sent a price in the first place receive feedback. Make sure to also enter external prices back into the system so those email recipients will get feedback, too.

2. Price alarms and manual orders via Android app:

The android app now offers full support for price alarms and manual orders on enmarket. You will receive automatic notifications on your mobile in case a price alarm was reached.

For more information, simply contact our Customer Success Team with a short email to, chat with us or call us at +49 89-215 415 00!

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Your enmacc team