Our customer network in a different way!

On Enmacc, many new trade relations developed in the past years. However, we also started small once.

To be able to better imagine the growth of our trading platform and our trading relationships, we have now visualised this development for you.

The charts show the development of our customer network from September 2016 to today. The nodes represent the companies, and the lines show the trade relations between the customers.

As soon as a company makes a trade, a bubble appears in the graphic for this company. The more often two companies trade with each other, the thicker the line that connects them becomes. The more connections (trade relations) a company has with others, the larger its bubble becomes.

Figure 1
The first picture shows the development of the customer network from our founding date until the beginning of 2017.

Figure 2
The second chart visualises the customer network immediately in the following year, until the beginning of 2018. Here an enormous increase in trading activity can already be seen.

Figure 3
The current customer network from the year of foundation until today is visible in the third graph.

It clearly shows that enmacc’s trading platform has grown in significant steps to more than 200 customers within just a few years. A great achievement, we believe!

Your enmacc Team