Our new feature for an indicative price proposal

As a trader, have you been experiencing a lack of price transparency, which significantly reduced your willingness to quote and trade? 

We have improved the current solution we have for sending a Price Proposal after you opened an RFQ, and introduced a new variant, where you can send out an Indicative Price Proposal as a ‘Target Price’ to all your recipients, without it being directly tradable, and the recipients may respond with a quote.

The previous functionality of sending a Price Proposal can be now sent as a Firm Price Proposal, and is sent to all counterparties, unless a credit line is insufficient for this trade. A deal will be conducted immediately if a recipient clicks “Accept”. This proposal is also sent to all counterparties with an insufficient credit line as an Indicative Price Proposal – Target Price. 

The new Indicative Price Proposal will help give your recipients a better feel of the respective price range and increase the chances for more and better quotations. The Indicative Price Proposal will be available for all members of the enmacc network and external users.

Also, you will now be able to send a Price Proposal, Indicative or Firm, when the demand is created, or at a later stage.

Try it out on the platform and let us know your feedback at connecting-traders@enmacc.com.