Reach counterparties with good credit without any extra work!


As an enmacc member you can now select a recipient list containing all counterparties you have good credit with. This new list includes all the counterparties who you have a good credit line with, and is automatically generated and updated for you in real-time. You can select this list from the recipient drop down. Simple as that.

With this good credit recipient list at hand;

  • Ensure all prices you receive are from tradeable counterparties
  • Send RFQs to all viable counterparties and receive prices from them
  • Maximise your reach

Address all counterparties with your trading interests effortlessly!

If you do not have up to date risk settings on the enmacc platform, now is a great opportunity to update them. Doing so will allow you to not only send RFQs to counterparties with good credit. Considering current market conditions, this list could be your competitive edge. 

Our Tip: Keep your risk settings up to date to keep up with the current market condition. Make use of our automatic credit list upload and risk management. Just send your credit sheet to and we will take it from there.

Please reach out to us if you want to learn more or benefit from this immediately.