Request profiles and trade in real time

You want to request profiles, but don’t know how it works on enmacc? No problem, we have summarised a short explanation for you.

Two different profile formats are used to request power shapes (or profiles) in the market. The time change in March from wintertime to summertime has to be taken into account in different ways. As in March, the time moves forward by one hour, one day has one hour less than the other “normal” days in the profiles. There lies the difference between the two profile formats we have. The 23/25 profile uses one value less in March because the day also has one hour less. The 24/25 profile format, on the other hand, treats the time changing day with the same number of values as a “normal” day but uses a zero value instead of the non-existent hour. The time change from summer to winter time is treated the same by both formats. In October, when the time is moved backwards by one hour, hour 2 exists twice, and the system expects a total of 25 values for this day.

Since the portfolio management systems of the trading partners often do not use the same formats as you do, enmacc automatically translates profiles into the required format. This means that everyone can work with the profile format suitable for their systems.

A more detailed explanation with examples and many other useful information and tips about the enmacc platform can be found in our manual or here. We would be happy to give you a personal tour of the platform in a webinar. Contact our Customer Success Team at with a short email, chat with us or call us at +49 89 215 415 00!