Spreads now tradable on enmacc

From now on spreads can be traded on enmacc. With entender you can configure your spread products completely free and thus request any kind of spread in the market, no matter if location spread, time spread or commodity spread.

More liquidity for your procurement in Austria!

Do you supply customers in Austria? Use the high liquidity of the German Power and Gas markets as well as the TTF market for your procurement. You can then conveniently transfer the quantities to Austria via a location spread.

Hedge quantities from your gas storage facility!

With a summer-winter spread on entender you can log in the market level early and hedge against future market risks.

We wish you much success!

Do you still have questions about spreads? – We will be happy to help you. Send our Customer Success Team a short email to success@enmacc.de, chat with us or call us at 089 – 215 415 00!

Your enmacc Team