Uniper joins enmacc

From now on you can reach Uniper’s two entities: Uniper Global Commodities SE and Uniper Energy Sales GmbH directly via our enmacc platform! 

Enjoy more comfort and more efficient energy trading with Uniper at full security. 

If your counterparty is Uniper Global Commodities SE, you can immediately start trading with them on enmacc. If your counterparty is Uniper Energy Sales GmbH please contact them via the enmacc chat or phone to get unlocked for trading with Uniper Energy Sales on enmacc.

Niek den Hollander, Uniper’s Chief Commercial Officer: enmacc increases efficiency and process reliability. We at Uniper and our customers appreciate that too. We are pleased to be able to also use this innovative channel to interact with our trading partners.

Gundolf Schweppe, Executive Vice President of Uniper Energy Sales: Digitization is playing an increasingly important role, both in sales and in the entire energy industry, and by using enmacc, we are stepping up our development efforts to become a leading energy supplier in the field of digital channels, too.

Jens Hartmann, CEO of enmacc: It is an important milestone for our ambition in the European Market that Uniper joined the enmacc platform.

Do you want to learn more about trading with Uniper on enmacc? Contact us via success@enmacc.com or 089 / 215 415 00.

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Your enmacc team

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