Up to 40% more quotes if you follow those 3 rules

When you send a request to enmacc, you want to receive as many quotations as possible. Almost all requests are quoted, but you can actively increase the number of prices!

We would like to share our experience from over 30,000 requests with you. These three rules promise success:

  • Start the validity period at “odd” times: avoid peak times (full, half and quarter hours) when suppliers price dozens of requests. For example, choose 11:07 instead of 11:00.
  • Define short validity periods: 3-5 minutes are practical. Validity periods of more than 10 minutes are difficult to achieve for suppliers, especially in volatile market phases.
  • Inform them in advance via the enmacc chat. With special requests, you can increase the attention of your counterparties by a chat message (e.g. “Will you quote my request?”).