Vattenfall becomes new Market Maker for power on enmacc!

Since April 2018 enmacc customers have had the opportunity to use enmarket the independent price screen for the bilateral trading of standard energy products. In addition to Wingas, Statkraft and OMV, Vattenfall is now the 4th Market Maker on enmacc.

By working together with enmacc, Vattenfall enables its customers to quickly and conveniently trade profiles and now also small sized standard products.

“If our customers have requested prices for their profiles by phone or email in the past, they can now easily trade via the enmacc platform. On enmarket, the customer sees current prices and can immediately decide whether he or she wants to buy or sell a product. Our customers appreciate this service, and we appreciate having found in enmacc a partner who supports us in digitising the customer processes,” says Lars Mähl, Head of External Portfolio Management at Vattenfall.

The mutual, trusting cooperation in product development soon made it clear that Vattenfall wanted to make another contribution to the liquidity of enmacc.

“We have always known and perceived Vattenfall as a strong partner with constructive cooperation. We will also certainly continue this cooperation internationally,” says Volker Puck, Head of Product and Managing Director at enmacc.

Vattenfall will show prices live on enmarket from the beginning of November. In addition, Vattenfall will increasingly use its expertise in gas trading for entender and will be pricing gas tenders.