Trading weather derivatives on enmacc

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The first and only digital OTC platform to facilitate weather derivative trading. Together with major market participants, we aim to grow the weather derivative network and create liquidity through our efficient, user-friendly digital RFQ trading platform – entender. 

Offset the impact of volatile winters, sunlight hours, and wind utilisation and mitigate your risks by hedging against adverse weather conditions and reducing your exposure to price fluctuations.

  • Trade weather derivatives contracts with the following underlying parameters to choose from: temperature, wind, and solar
  • Plenty of maturities tradeable (e.g., weekends, weeks, months, seasons)
  • Settle trades transparently with the enwex index, based on ECMWF gridpoint forecasts
  • Exclusively available to customers who completed the Financial Trading Approval Process (FTAP)
  • Automatically calculate contract quantity and exposure to tailor contract size to your specific exposure needs


Digital, quick and efficient

Negotiate and connect directly with all of your counterparties in parallel through our easy and standard RFQ workflow

Grow your network

Highly standardised and transparent contracts to engage the largest possible network of traders and to boost liquidity

Diversify your portfolio

Spread the risk and potentially improve your overall returns while reducing exposure to price fluctuations

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