What is new on engreen?

Here at enmacc, we appreciate your ideas and feedback. By request of you, our customers, we have included the following functions on our engreen platform:

1. A larger selection of quality labels 

The list of selectable quality labels has evolved significantly. The following labels are now available: 

  • Gepr. Ökostrom TÜV Nord
  • Grüner Strom Label
  • naturmade basic
  • naturmade star
  • OK-Power
  • Bra Miljöval 
  • I-REC
  • German RECS
  • Swiss GoO market
  • EKOenergy

2. Supported/non-supported must be defined during order creation

When creating an order, it is now mandatory that you state whether the order is subsidised (supported) by the state or not. If the order is subsidised, it is now easily visible and transparent. This is an integral part of the orders and creates 100% transparency about the tradable product.

3. Receive notifications about orders that are interesting for you to trade

If you have placed one or more orders on engreen, you will be quickly informed via the platform if a suitable counteroffer is placed. By clicking on the cogwheel above the filter settings in the menu, you will be taken to a sub-menu where you can then define a price range within where you want to be informed about new orders. Once these settings have been saved, you will be notified on the platform when an order for the same production period is placed on the opposite side and within the defined price range.

For more information, simply contact our Customer Success Team with a short email to success@enmacc.comchat with us or call us at +49 89-215 415 00!

Your enmacc team