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Detailed Insights

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last 30 days

Detailed Insights

Super fast RFQ Creation

Effortless trading experience by creating RFQs with natural language in seconds!

Anonymous Trading

Choose to hide your identity!

Various Quoting Types

Good-Till-Cancelled, indicative or timed quote

Trade with all market participants

Including those who are not yet enmacc customers

Direct Negotiation

Accelerate price discovery by sending price proposals or target prices!

Automatic Credit Check

Realtime credit information when you need it

Spread Trading

Create individual spreads. Combine location spreads, time spreads or commodity spreads

Easy Request-for-Quote
(RFQ) workflow

Easy Request-for-Quote
(RFQ) workflow

Both counterparties benefit

asking for prices

  • Generate your own liquidity – even if the screens are empty
  • Effectively reach all market participants
  • Unmatched probability of execution
  • Make competition work for you, or set your target price
  • Full control: from who sees your trading interest to the decision to trade

quoting requests

  • More trading opportunities – don’t miss any!
  • Fast and low effort, but high success rate
  • Your counterparty gets your price, everyone else does not.
  • Integrated in your workflows of choice: enmacc Platform, Refinitiv Eikon messenger, MS Teams, E-mail

Endless capabilities for your trading success







Via the Web Platform


Automated via API

Feature-rich platform

Automatic Credit Check thumbnail
Automatic Credit Check

Traders can rely on the automatic credit check while risk managers can be assured trades will only be executed with eligible counterparties for this trade.

Clearing Registration thumbnail
Clearing Registration

We offer Straight-Through-Processing (STP) for clearing services in collaboration with major European exchanges and Clearing Houses. If a cleared quote is traded, enmacc will register the trade on behalf of the traders in the role of a Non-Trading Broker.

Price Echo
Price Echo

Collect relevant price points for illiquid standard products & markets in the fastest, most efficient and transparent way. Using price discovery data where price points are not available, you can benchmark your PFC or build risk valuations and analytical models.

Refinitiv Eikon Integration thumbnail
Refinitiv Eikon Integration

Boost your liquidity and reach out to 4,000+ professional traders via the favourite messenger of Europe’s energy trading community.

Microsoft Teams Connector thumbnail
Microsoft Teams Connector

Receive all enmacc real-time energy trading activity in Microsoft Teams
With enmacc connector, you can stay updated in real-time and address all new trading opportunities within your organisation to gain full transparency and maximise collaboration.

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API, Automation & Integration

Focus on your essential tasks instead of manual work.

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