Maurizio Mappelli, Head of Sales Southern Europe at European Energy Exchange, joined enmacc’s CEO, Jens Hartmann,  for insights on the…


Jorge Ruiz Quintela, CEO & Founder, Environmental Commodities trader en Meteco Energía Verde y Alfredo Huertas, Originador Principal de Enmacc...


Two green power experts from Greenfact join enmacc CEO, to recap 2022 and present an outlook on 2023, with a...


Victoria Hatherick, Deputy Editor, Emissions at Argus Media, joins Jens Hartmann, CEO of enmacc to discuss the current price fluctuations...


Chris Roe, a presentation and pitch coach for international entrepreneurs, has coached entrepreneurs from over 15 different countries, backgrounds and...


Robin Girmes, founder and managing director at Energy Weather, joins Jens Hartmann, CEO of enmacc to present an overview on...

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Trade GoOs with our advanced RFQ process. Entender offers the unique flexibility to trade GoO profiles, enabling our users to trade specific delivery timelines.

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