enmacc for Energy procurementSales trading

enmacc is the next-generation energy trading platform for power, gas and renewable certificates across Europe

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All you need to grow your business


Digital, bilateral OTC trading


Full documentation and various role settings

Critical Data

Receive price data, digital and incorruptible


Grow your personal network through our introductions


Trade your own products in tenor and shape


Automated pre and post trade workflows

Trusted by over 500 member companies


world-leading RFQ technology for energy markets used by sales traders, portfolio and risk managers

Digitise your trading workflow

Experience the innovative RFQ trading workflow to gain speed, security and efficiency

Make better trading decisions

Generate insight into your trading activity and make better decisions for improved margins

Enlarge your trading network

Join the enmacc network and get introduced to new counterparties

Settle financial & physical trades

Conclude any type of trade with counterparts, be it bilateral OTC or cleared


The OTC price screen and open marketplace for one-click trading

Multiple market makers

We show competitive prices by having multiple market makers for each commodity

Prices are permanently available

Get prices from the next four quarters and two calendar years

Gain flexibility

Trade small or uncommon quantities


State-of-the-art trading screen for Guarantees of Origins (GoOs) and Elcerts

Click & Trade

Automate broker market processes and connect and interact directly with the enmacc trader network.

Multiple combination

Trade in any combination of countries and technologies - hydro, wind, solar, and biomass.

Full documentation & automation

Contact us to learn more about existing integrations into your portfolio / ETRM system or automation use-cases.
Deal history

All deals are archived and fully documentated.

Connect API

We enable full control for all essential trading related functionality through our Connect API - seamlessly integrating into your existing trading ecosystem

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Mobile App

Keep track of what's happening in the market at any time. Receive notifications about trades and price alerts

  • enmarket: get a full overview of the current market
  • Keep track of your manual orders at any time
  • Create and manage your mid-price alerts
  • Access your deal history
  • Contact all your trading partners via messenger

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