Automation & API

Focus on your essential tasks and enjoy smart trading workflows

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Your benefits of automating pre and post trade processes

Contact us to learn more about existing integrations into your portfolio / ETRM system or automation use-cases.
Reduce manual effort

We enable complete control for all trading-related functionality

Improve performance

Ensure accurate view of market transactions across business users

Avoid data loss

Enable seamless connections without data loss

Save your valuable time

Enable real-time connectivity for complete end-to-end digitisation from front to back office

Improve risk management workflows

Ensure accurate view of market transactions across business users

Fire and Forget

Know that data transfer is secure when concluding deals via enmacc

Connect API

Introducing the new generation of enmacc Connect API

Automatic Quoting

Connect your pricing systems to quote RFQs automatically in real-time

Active Trade Monitoring

Get notified via API when trading on enmacc and load trade details in real-time

Deal Capturing

Transfer closed deals automatically into your ETRM system

RFQ Creation

Initiate RFQs automatically from your portfolio system

RFQ Tracking

Retrieve and monitor all RFQs which are currently open for you on enmacc

Risk Management

Monitor and update your risk settings

Automated Risk Management

Save time and reduce effort
enmacc Automated Risk Management screenshot

Real time processing and update of counterparty credit risk sheets. Contact to learn more about the smooth process and benefits.

Simply send us your credit sheets and the information will be transferred to your risk settings automatically. No predefined format is needed.

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