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Environmental Product trading made
easy and efficient with our leading
Request-for-Quote (RFQ) workflow

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Largest network

Increase liquidity by
handling numerous
requests & quotes

Efficient quoting

Negotiate & trade in
real-time with all

Simple comparisons

See all quotes
instantaneously and
in parallel

Compliant & safe

Reduce operational risks by
accessing full documentation
& digital processes

Your go-to marketplace
for Environmental Products

Release Timeline

  • Q4 '22
  • Q1 '23
  • Q1 '23
  • Q2 '23
  • 2023

How Request-for-Quote (RFQ) works

1. Request

Initiator creates RFQ
Initiator creates RFQ

2. Quote

Traders respond with price
Traders respond with price

3. Trade

Initiator accepts the price

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