Manage Risk for All Energy and Environmental Commodities on enmacc

In today’s dynamic market, effective risk management is crucial. Traders and organisations need tools that allow them to monitor and mitigate risk efficiently. enmacc as the largestover-the-counter (OTC) digital trading platform for energy and environmental commodities – has recognised this need and has further enhanced its risk management functionalities. 

Risk management capabilities are now available for Guarantees-of-Origin (GoOs) and Emissions Allowances (EUAs/EUAAs) trading on enmacc. This will enable you to manage credit lines for all commodities directly through the platform, providing you with the comfort of choosing to execute trades with approved counterparties.

Now, you can efficiently manage risk exposure and credit lines through: 

  • Automated APIs for power and gas, reducing manual work effort
  • A convenient automatic upload feature for  credit sheets with no predefined format required for power and gas
  • Total control over risk settings directly on the platform for all commodities – power, gas, GoOs, and Emissions Allowances

Real-time risk settings will be displayed on all Request-for-Quote (RFQs) giving the  choice to  execute trades with approved counterparties.

Ready to streamline your risk management? 

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