We are ready for Trading Hub Europe!

As you know, the German Market Areas GASPOOL (GPL) and NetConnect Germany (NCG) are operated by the new Trading Hub Europe (THE) and will form a single nationwide German gas market area as of 1st October 2021. Here are the questions you might be interested in for the adoption on enmacc.

  1. What will change for enmacc clients? 

enmacc clients may have to perform some internal adjustments in order to be prepared to trade THE. This may include the adjustment of potential changes required by:

  • Framework contracts with their counterparties in case there is no “discontinue clause” for NCG and Gaspool
  • Portfolio/ETRM systems
  • Scheduling systems
  • Billing processes
  • Credit Settings
  1. What do our clients have to do?

Our clients do not have to do anything in order to trade THE via enmacc and API. Our contracts do not specify specific market areas and are therefore still valid. In case we did specify a set of market areas in a contract, THE is considered the logical continuation of NCG and Gaspool and therefore the contract is still valid.

Providing liquidity, transparency, and efficiency to the THE market will remain our mission. 

For any questions or further information, please get in contact with our customer success team (success@enmacc.com).

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