The enmacc network is growing – Adapt your distribution list!

We are pleased about the steady growth of the enmacc network – thank you for being part of it! In just a few years, the enmacc trading platform has grown in significant steps to more than 200 clients. Therefore a network of more than 800 active traders has been created!

With you our international clients we have grown a lot a and are now represented in over eleven countries.

It’s best to adapt your distribution lists right away so that you don’t lose track and don’t miss any of your trading partners. All current members of the enmacc network can be found on the platform under “Partner companies” or here.

Next, to each distribution list, you will find three points where you can edit the distribution list to include new enmacc partner companies and to convert email recipients into enmacc-internal recipients.

If you see and click this sign , an email recipient will receive your request directly in enmacc

Do you still have questions? – We will be happy to help you. Send our Customer Success Team a short email to, chat with us or call us at +49 89 215 415 00!

Your enmacc Team